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Event & Hosting Guidelines

The Free Company family that plays together, stays together! 

While general guidelines still apply, Free Company events provide a team building experience to either let loose (based off of your audience and event type), or to learn, listen to call-outs, and trek through tougher content together.

Participation is not required, but always encouraged!

  • FC events are typically held on a weekly basis and can occur one to several times per week. Special events are typically held to celebrate major holidays and FC anniversaries
  • Events are listed on a monthly basis, just prior to or at the start of each month. These can be viewed on our Discord channel via the Pinned Messages as well as our online Upcoming Events calendar
  • Most FC events are accompanied by Discord voice chat


Event Attendees

While helpful suggestions during these events are appreciated, to avoid conflict, it is ultimately up to your event host to make final decisions (i.e. what location is next, what marker you should be standing on, what task is next, giving event explanations, how to go about completion, etc.). While an overload of information by a fellow attendee may come from a good place, this can often times be overwhelming to new attendees and affect the event hosts intended flow and informational pacing.

To avoid confusion, especially during mechanic heavy content, please pause general chit chat in Discord voice chat when your host is giving instructions and allow them to determine the flow and informational pacing of their event.

There will generally be a 10-15 minute break at the halfway point of an event. Please use this time to repair your gear, take a bathroom break, grab a drink, etc.

Members that sign-up for events (with the exception of those who specifically stated to be signed up as a "fill-in") are committing to on time attendance for the duration of the event. No-show or late attendees can be disruptive to the flow of an event.

Example: We have a full party of sign-ups for a dragon farm that begins at 5pm PT. 7 attendees are on time, and ready to roll at 5pm PT. 1 attendee who signed up is a no-show (or they've just informed the event host that they will be late). This now causes the 7 on time attendees to have to wait, find an FC fill-in, or grab a random in the Party Finder.

If we find an FC fill-in, or a random from the Party Finder, we will not boot them when our late member is ready to join. We will contact our late member if an opening becomes available. We value everyone's time, FC or otherwise.

We understand that life happens and will not issue warnings during occasional life blips when communicated to the event host. Communication is key, so please keep us informed of your event status.

The event "fill-in" status was created specifically for those who are not able to make it to an event on time, for those who don't want to fully commit to attending, or for those unable to stay for the duration of the event. You cannot get docked for being late or a no-show if you are a fill-in! Please utilize the fill-in status if it better suits your life schedule. This will avoid inconveniencing your fellow members and help your host to better anticipate how to proceed with an event based on the number of definite attendees, with the possible help of fill-ins.

Regular sign-ups have priority over fill-in attendees.

Event Listeners 

Members who are not attending an event are still more than welcome to listen in on Discord voice chat and gather insight as to how our events are run, how difficult/easy/relaxed the content may be, and can also serve as a form of supporting your fellow members. It is still important to be courteous and respectful by not interrupting when the event host is giving out instructions, calling out mechanics, or when the group is quietly concentrating. This will help us keep events on track while providing an auditory experience of what we do. 

We certainly hope to catch you at a future event when you're good and ready!

Click on the Upcoming Events page or the button below for a current list of upcoming events:

Event hosting opportunities will be posted by the FC Leader in our Discord channel. If you would like to host an event and an event hosting opportunity has become available, please come prepared with the following:

1. Detailed, clear info on your proposed event. This will be used to create a condensed blurb for your event

2. Proposed dates. Not all dates are available due to pre-planned Leadership Team hosted events

3. Start time and end time (state time zone)

4. Meeting place for your event (we typically choose our outdoor campfire, but any location is fine)

General hosting rules will include, but are not limited to:

1. Commitment to managing and hosting your event in full, in accordance with our General Guidelines & Event/Hosting Guidelines

2. Knowledge of content (i.e. mechanics) so that you are in a position to teach your attendees

3. Keeping track of your attendees (fill-in vs. committed attendee. Keeping an eye on Discord for sign-ups that may get hidden in the chat log)

4. Communication. Updating the FC Leader on your number of committed attendees (If applicable, so that the FC Leader can continue to keep the "spots remaining" section edited and up-to-date on our Discord channel, in-game Topics board, and our Upcoming Events calendar.)

All proposed events will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis and are subject to approval prior to being formally announced.

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