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Free Company Chest


The Free Company Chest is a vault full of goodies for your adventuring and crafting needs, located in the Free Company home, to the left of our staircase.

Accessibility to the items within are based on your current rank. Rank and chest access go hand in hand, as this is essential to protect our Free Company assets.

The chest is upgraded when better items become available, and decluttered when necessary. To avoid chest clutter, please refrain from depositing items unless you are adding to items already in the chest. Items that are found to cause chest clutter will be removed by the FC Leader, sold, and have the profits returned to the chest in gil form.

Items are provided for personal use, not for profit (with the exception of Allagan & Salvaged Pieces to exchange with a retainer/npc for gil).

This is a shared chest for most all members to utilize, so please keep your fellow members in mind and take what you need for the day/week rather than stocking up.

Tab 1


  • Potions, Ethers, Elixirs, Cordials

  • Chocobo Items: Gysahl Greens, Training Food, Stable Brooms

  • Orchestrion Rolls

  • Minions

  • Indoor Furnishing

  • Basic Crafting Materials

  • Party Favors

  • Allagan & Salvaged Pieces



Tab 2


  • Decent HQ Meals for Disciples of War/Magic & Disciples of Hand/Land

  • HQ Crafting/Gathering Materials

  • Dyes

  • Glamour

  • Emotes

  • HQ Pots (Infusion of _____)

  • Grade VII & VIII Materia

  • Allagan & Salvaged Pieces



Tab 3


  • Potions & Ethers

  • Glamour Prisms & Dispellers

  • Latest HQ Food Available for Disciples of War/Magic & Disciples of Hand/Land

  • Chocobo Items: Gysahl Greens, Krakka Roots, Stable Brooms

  • HQ Pots (HQ Tinctures of _____)

  • Grade IX & X Materia

  • Allagan & Salvaged Pieces



Tab 4 & 5: Items for Free Company Use


  • Company Workshop Items & Materials

  • Extra Housing Items

  • Extra Housing Meals


  • All Shards, Crystals, and Clusters


  • For use during FC Events, Member Event Hosting, and all other purchases that benefit the FC and its members

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