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General Guidelines

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Free Company members are responsible for reviewing and upholding the standards and guidelines mentioned throughout our website. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. We are an 18+ community filled with adults of all ages. With that in mind, it's ok to be lewd but don't be crude, and be mindful of your audience.

Refrain from using the FC/Discord chat as a forum to engage in or discuss politics, religion, sexism, misogyny, racism, hate-based phobias, ableism, mental illness, NSFW material (i.e. porn, nudity, gore), and other hot button topics or toxic behavior. This is especially important when posting in any of our text chats for all eyes to see. If you have to ask yourself, "Is what I'm about to post offensive/disruptive?" then it is probably not FC/Discord appropriate.

(Click Event & Hosting Guidelines for guidelines specific to FC events)

2. We welcome players from all skill levels, backgrounds, learning speeds/curves, gender identity, race, religion, and sexual orientation, all of whom should be treated with respect and without harassment.
We keep our member base at a maximum of around 180 members to remain as inclusive as possible. 

A maximum of 1 alt per member is allowed, but please keep them from falling into the 200+ days of inactivity mark.

While we remain fairly neutral on the subject of ACT and other third-party tools, its use is a violation of FFXIV's terms of service. As such, please limit or exclude parsing and third-party tool mentions from our chats. This information is best shared with your fellow static members & raiders through private messages or other non-FC related communications.

3. We encourage you to holler in the fc chat if you have any questions, want company on runs, or need help of any kind.

Responses to questions should be answered in a constructive way, using an approach that teaches so that they can learn and grow from the interaction. Google is an obviously helpful tool, but not an appropriate response.

Everyone has preferences on jobs, classes, and content. It is ok to mention what you don't like (i.e., "Thornmarch is so annoying."), but avoid tearing down something that someone else may like to play or enjoy (ex. "____ class sucks. They're useless and don't do enough damage."). All jobs, classes, and content have their ups and downs and are all viable options. It is best to keep those preferences where relevancy will best serve you, with your non-FC affiliated raid/static group.

4. It's ok to vent general frustrations and personal problems from time to time, however consistent mentions, consistent negativity, and outbursts are not ok. People all around us have trials & tribulations to overcome in life, others have hectic/stressful lives. For many, gaming is a haven away from life; it is important to not take away from the positive gaming experience of your fellow members. Drama, arguments, and non-constructive disputes should be kept out of the FC/Discord chat. 

Attitude is everything, live happily, and remember that behind every character is a human being.


5. Streaming is welcomed on our Discord server's "Watch-Me-Stream" text channel, with conditions, whether it be related to FFXIV or not. It allows for posting of live streams of FFXIV or other games, VOD's/clips/highlights, sign-ups for guest streams, and chat related to streaming. Square Enix allows fairly open streaming for non-commercial use (see Square Enix's official Materials Usage License Rules & Polices for FFXIV). While characters, character names, and chat logs are property of Square Enix and do not require permission to stream, we also respect the privacy concerns of our fellow members. As a courtesy, please ask your fellow members when it comes to voice chat permissions as personal privacy preferences vary from member to member:

-When posting to the "Watch-Me-Stream" text channel, please state the game & content that you will be streaming.

-Please cover/block the FC chat log when streaming FFXIV.

-Voice chat streaming is allowed only if all participants agree to their voice being streamed.


6. Spoilers are to be avoided, especially so when Square Enix drops new content for FFXIV. If you are brimming with emotion and bursting at the seams by content you have been through, ask around (without dropping content spoilers) to find out who has gotten as far as you have so that you can privately discuss the epic/sad/frustrating content you have both experienced.

If Square Enix does not officially release the information regarding content, names/titles, mechanics, etc., it's best to omit it from the FC/Discord chat.

There are a few exceptions to this rule:
-Our Discord server's "FFXIV-Spoilers" text channel is an FFXIV related spoiler free-for-all. The FC Leader will also post Live Letter information to this channel at her earliest convenience.

-Our Discord server's "Event-In-Progress" text channel may contain spoilers ONLY when it is relevant to FC event content. This avoids things becoming a spoiler free-for-all. Please keep this in mind when visiting or posting in this FC event text channel as you are sure to see mechanics, memes, and videos of the content we are working on (or talking about in vc) via FC events.
-Our Discord server's "FFXIV-Info-Station" text channel may contain spoilers related to in-depth content such as macros, tips, and info for new, returning, and veteran players.

-Our Discord server's "Watch-Me-Stream" text channel may naturally contain spoilers depending on the content being streamed. 

-Boss/Dungeon names are specifically listed on FC event advertisements and any location that FC event lists can be found.
-Square Enix may still release content that is considered a spoiler to those who have not gotten to that content. As such, it will be at the FC Leader's discretion to allow or disallow certain videos/images/conversations at any time.


7. Interest in a relationship with another member is not discouraged, and we have plenty of couples who have met in-game or otherwise. It is ok to express your interest in or ask out another member, but if the interest is not reciprocated then take that at face value and move on. At the end of the day this is not a dating site, and we want all members to feel safe and comfortable. Stalking, out-of-line messaging/comments, obsessive behaviors, and continuing to pursue someone after your interest/offer is declined are not tolerated.


8. Discord server invite links can be obtained by asking the Leadership Team. Please change your Eorzea's Elite Discord nickname to your in-game name (First name, or first & last name). This will help fellow members to connect with you and welcome you to the server.

General guidelines apply to custom status' and photos.

Our Discord server is exclusively for use by current FC members only.

9. Please notify the Leadership Team of any in-game name changes, that way can edit the new name in our files for rank-ups, the roster, Discord, etc.

If you encounter an issue with a fellow FC member (whether listed above or otherwise) that you would like to bring to our attention, please visit the Guideline Violations page.

Let's all have fun and enjoy the game! Please reach out to the Leadership Team if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 

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