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Leadership Team

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From Disciple of Hand/Land expertise to Disciple of War/Magic expertise, our helpful Leadership Team has a wide range of respective qualities and experience that bring our Free Company family together!

Jess Garcia

FC Leader - Queen Bee

FFXIV was my first ever MMO, and I dove headfirst on my clunky PS3. As a console gamer who played single player RPG's and most FF titles, I started playing FFXIV in 2015 during patch 2.5 of A Realm Reborn with no knowledge of MMO 's, the lingo, or anything associated with it. After a huge learning curve, dabbling in a ton of socializing, being ages behind completion of storyline content, and making many mistakes along the way, I was ready to step it up and get more serious with the game. Now playing on a PS5, I have enjoyed most PvE content including Deep Dungeons, Extreme, Unreal, Savage, and more.

My main has always been a Paladin, but I also main White Mage and Ninja.


When being a member of a Free Company to Co-Leading a Free Company were no longer enough, I decided I had the game knowledge and personal experience to create and lead my own Free Company. On 9/19/2016, Eorzea's Elite was born! A small group of in-game friends moving into a small plot in The Goblet was eventually transformed into a comfortably sized Free Company with a large plot in the Lavender Beds. From strong bonds, relationships, and comradery, this game and the wonderful Free Company Officers & Members I share it with have given me a place that I am happy to call my second home. I strive towards providing a haven where my trusted Officers and I keep the peace and handle important matters as they come so that our members can freely enjoy the game, unhindered by the stresses of the world around them.

I am always just a message away and am generally quick to respond. So feel free to reach out at any time if I can assist in any way.

When FFXIV comes to an end, I fully intend to continue on with the Free Company, moving us to the newest Final Fantasy MMO and beyond! Elite Represent!

On a more personal note: I am a San Diego native who enjoys beautiful weather year-round and wouldn't have it any other way. Part activity seeker and part homebody, I love organizing my own well planned road trips & overseas trips that are full of activities and amazing sights. When I'm not playing FFXIV, I am hard at work as the Operations Manager of a local dog rescue, playing other console games, exercising, hanging out with my extended fur/feathered family (4 dogs, 2 foster dogs, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and 2 doves), wanting more than 24 hours in a day, and just enjoying this beautiful thing called "life".

Elf Wen

FC Officer - Hive Specialist

I have been with the FC since 2017 and as an Officer since June of 2018

I am here for any help you may need, whether it be crafting or getting you through content. 

I can often be found hosting mount farms weekly and gathering mats to feed my crafting obsession. 

Welcome to Elite and reach out if you need anything.

Lux Kurea

FC Officer - Hive Technician

Hi everyone, I’m Lux. I’ve been playing since day one on PlayStation. 

I main healing classes and like running dungeons, trials, and 24-player raids. 

I'm a very honest person who enjoys helping and teaching others as much as I can. We work as a team to keep everyone in the FC happy and delightful.

So, for a living I weld and work on vehicles. 

I live in upper Minnesota and ride ATVs, side by sides, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. 

I also have a second job in FFXIV as an “unlicensed therapist”. FC members get a discount for my services*;)

Let’s get to gaming it up!

*Disclaimer: It's a joke!


Chinatsu Karstark

FC Officer - Hive Strategist

Hey, I'm Chinatsu!

I play the game on PC and I originally joined the FC at the beginning of 2022 in order to find a group of people to have fun with while playing the game. Ever since then, I can say that I have found that in spades!

My Main role is a Tank, but I also enjoy playing DPS when I don't feel like being a meat shield.

I enjoy doing Extreme trials and like to dabble in Savage raids as well.

If you ever need help with learning a fight, just ask!

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