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General FC Perks

Our lovely Free Company mansion is not only a fun and flashy place to call home, but also serves to provide our members with a wide range of activities and benefits in the convenience of one location!

Free Company Buffs

  • Buffs are reset daily at 8:30pm PST  
  • Meat and Mead II or III is up every Monday, beginning at 8:30pm PDT 
  • Jackpot II or III is up every Saturday, beginning at 8:30pm PST, to make the most of your Cactpot winnings
  • All other buffs are not on a day schedule and rotate weekly
  • Grade III buffs are utilized for up to the first two weeks of a new expansion, and do not always follow the above rotation

Chocobo Stables

  • All members have access to our stables to board & train their own Chocobo, or to train a fellow members' Chocobo
  • Stabled Chocobos are trained regularly, so take advantage of this free experience boost
  • Level capped Chocobos (will appear in orange) will not be trained as they can no longer gain experience until their owner removes the level cap

Estate Gardens

  • All members have access to water any plants or minions being grown in our garden patches
  • Our 2 garden patches are available to members of the Hive Counsel rank and above (Click Ranking System for details & guidelines)  
  • Gardening is typically unavailable during major holidays, to create space for outdoor holiday themed décor

Moogle Letter Box

  • Conveniently located at the entrance of our FC property for your in-game mailing needs 
Striking Dummies
  • A level 1 & 90 Striking Dummy is available for use in the FC yard 
  • These Striking Dummies are best used when practicing single target and AOE rotations 
  • Note that Striking dummies are also available throughout Eorzea for uses not listed above

Estate Rooms

  • All members have access to purchase a Private Chamber in the FC home, to the left of our staircase
  • Estate rooms are available for purchase at 300,000 gil
  • Enter the home, click on the "Entrance to Private Chambers" and select "Purchase Private Chambers" to complete your purchase

Crafting Station

  • All members have access to all Crafting Facilities, located on the main floor of the FC home
  • A Crafting Facility is available for each crafting class
  • Each respective Crafting Facility grants a temporary increase to your maximum CP when used, for crafters level 70 and under


  • The FC playlist is set by the FC Leader on a monthly to bi-monthly basis
  • Single song selection is available to the Hive Counsel rank (Click Ranking System for details & guidelines)

Free Company Chest

  • Most all members have access to the FC Chest, located in the FC home, to the left of our staircase
  • Click Free Company Chest for general chest contents, and click Ranking System for specific FC chest access granted to each rank, for details & guidelines

Gold Saucer & Other Mini-Games

  • All members have access to all mini-games
  • Triple Triad matches are available throughout the FC home
  • Games include: Triple Triad, Toy Chest, Crystal Tower Striker, Monster Toss Machine, Cuff-a-Cur Machine, The Moogle's Paw Machine, Out on a Limb Machine, and The Finer Miner Machine                      

Estate Food

  • All members have access to all tabletop meals (small meals are available in the FC Chest)
  • Tabletop meals are a combination of the best available tabletop food (main floor) and food for holiday decorative purposes (downstairs and/or on main floor during holiday displays. Please do not eat the holiday decorative food). Non-decorative tabletop meals are replenished by the FC Leader as needed


  • All members have access to the Armoire, located in the FC home, to the right of our staircase
  • The Armoire acts as additional storage space for artifact armor, seasonal event costumes, achievement awards, bonus items, and other specific items

The Unending Journey

  • All members have access to rewatch certain cutscenes using The Unending Journey, upstairs on the mezzanine 
  • Note that not all cutscenes are available to rewatch

Elf Wen's Crafting Emporium

  • All members have access to the crafting discounts provided by Officer Elf Wen
  • Click Crafting Discounts for details on how to place your order

Free Company Workshop

  • All members have access to workshop turn-ins
  • The FC Workshop is used to create Grade III buffs for use during buff resets, and to create & deploy airships & submarines. Rewards from airship & submarine voyages are used for workshop turn-ins to create Grade III buffs, airships, submarines, and are also used for profit. Gil profits & items are deposited into the FC Chest
  • If you would like to create a housing skin or other item for personal use (not for profit), and have all materials for all stages available, please contact the Leadership Team for assistance
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